T-Resa welcome you to a site dedicated to promoting the gospel through music.
T-Resa has always had a passion and love for singing, and when she takes the platform God has her on she show a compassion and love that is absolutely contagious, you can't help but worship the living God. 


If you're a lover of the music even if you're not an artist yourself, then this is the place for you too. You can view upcoming music by T-Resa right on this site, find new video and events, get involved in helping T-Resa spread the gospel to the world, and keep tabs on T-Resa's music ministry. 


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New Gospel EP

When God has given you many gifts, you must used each gift to make an impact on the world. What will the world say about you when you are long gone? I want the world to know that I did enjoyed my life here on earth, and I'm having fun with the gifts and talents God gave me. My plans is to be empty of these gifts and talents and when I leave this earth,  God would have received the glory for the things he has done! - T-Resa

Murphys Mansion

T-Resa Ministering "Second Chance" at the Murphy's Mansion

T-Resa Ministering "Second Chance" at the Murphy's Mansion

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